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Blind Debossed Letterpress Business Card

21 Dec 2015 | Tags ,
Amy Talebizadeh - Ensemble Managment Group Logo

Blind Debossed Letterpress Business Card

Look at this awesome Blind Debossed Letterpress Business Card. We are happy to share this design and logo we created for enFUND, a division of Ensemble Entertainment, a charitable organization based in California focusing on promoting and developing international artists within the United States. When approached with project, Ensemble was wanting logos and cards that were both unique and hip to match their industry clientele. Taking inspiration from shapes and geometric ephemera, we came up with these core logos to represent the brand.

Amy Talebizadeh - EnFUND Logo
Amy Talebizadeh - Ensemble Entertainment Logo
Amy Talebizadeh - Ensemble Managment Group Logo

A personal favorite is the enFUND square business card. Complete with a letterpress blind deboss this card is a perfect mix of luxury and design.

Blind debossing is usually done best when implemented in a minimal design. This allows the deboss to really stand out (or sink in, as it would be ^_^).

For more information on Ensemble Entertainment, check out

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