Kraft Business Cards

  • 100% Recycled & Eco-Friendly
  • Ideal for minimal designs with dark colors
  • Perfect with Foil Stamping

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Kraft Business Cards

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Paper Type

Kraft, Recycled, Uncoated


Standard, Square, Mini


100, 250, 500, 1000

White Ink

None, Yes

Production Time


Kraft business cards can be printed in full color on both sides, although we recommend keeping your design limited to black ink.

In our sample kit, we show examples of various CMYK colors printed on kraft with and without a spot white ink backing.

If you have an eco-friendly / eco-conscious type brand then these are a perfect fit for you as they are 100% recycled!

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Print Online Best Print Online brown kraft business cards with foil stamping

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Kraft Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create artwork for the Brown Kraft cards using white ink?

You’ll have an option of adding white ink as overprint. It will act as a base for CMYK and provide a bright and white surface. It gives a vibrant and crisp color. However, areas with no white ink may appear darker. It is because of the stock’s color. The white mask files are different from the artwork files like spot UV masks. The black color shows where the white ink will get printed. You must create the mask file and color art file of the same size. This ensures that there are no alignment issues at the time of printing. … Read more

What is recycled brown kraft paper?

Recycled brown kraft paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste such as scraps of paper collected from households and industries. These components make this type of paper biodegradable and recyclable. A lot of people don’t know that not all brown papers are eco-friendly and ethically made. Sometimes, these papers have a brown color because they are made out of wood from old growth forests. Most of the time, these natural components are acquired using illegal methods. If you want to embrace green marketing and gain the favor of environmentalists, you should make sure your brown kraft paper is made from … Read more

What is the material of Brown Kraft cards and is it recycled?

This light brown paper has natural fibers with finely visible fleck. It lends a natural and organic feel and looks to the material. The uncoated and smooth finish will provide you with exceptional print quality. The colored stock will add a warm and rustic touch to the images. You can also apply white ink in some areas for a brighter picture. Also, the paper is 100% recycled. It has a waste content of minimum 30%. Please note that colored and recycled stocks can have a little color variation. The flecks may also vary.

What kind of thick paper stocks do you offer?

We do custom orders of any stock through a custom quote. Feel free to browse our standard paper offerings on this page, which include: Glossy – catches light with its reflective surface Matte – subtler and textured look Uncoated – natural stock texture Pearl metallic – pearlescent effect Silk matte – smooth matte finish that’s water resistant Soft suede – soft and textured stock Plastic – durable and comes in opaque or translucent finish Kraft – rustic and authentic look Colored stock – comes in 50 different colors

What papers do you offer for hang tags?

Our current standard offering of papers for hang tags is: 14 pt Cream 14 pt Pearl 16 pt Matte / Gloss 18 pt Brown Kraft 20 pt Plastic (clear/white) 20 pt Soft-Suede 32 pt Thick Black Layer We can source almost any paper you can imagine, simply fill out our custom order form and we will get you a quote quickly via email.

Where do designers get their stationery printed?

Where do Designers get Their Stationery Printed? A List of the Best Printing Services A printer that holds quality up above everything can take some finding. You can scour the web for paid reviews and end up splurging your hard-earned money on run-of-the-mill services or believe in our widely-trusted word. Owing to our extensive experience in the creative design business, we know what it takes to be a commendable printing service. From state-of-the-art hot foil printing to excellent customer service, there’s a lot that contributes to its excellence. We’ll save you the trouble and line up the best stationery printing … Read more

What is: Kraft Process ?

A pulping process is done chemically which coins down the tree in order to remove lignin while retaining the fivers to make papers. This is common in free sheet papers.

Print Online Best Print Online brown kraft business cards with foil stamping
Kraft Business Cards