Pearl Business Cards

  • Reflective, Shimmery
  • Great with light pastel colors
  • Eco-Friendly, Soy-based Inks

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Pearl Business Cards

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Paper Type


Paper Weight

14 pt / 300 gsm




Straight, Rounded


100, 250, 500, 1000



2" x 3.5" / 51 x 89 mm

Production Time


Pearl business cards are printed in full color on pearlized paper stock.

This paper is perfect for light-colored or pastel-colored designs.

The pearl stock creates a shimmery effect on your text and design elements.

We typically recommend this paper for kid-related products or events, feminine products, and to any business wanting to project “cuteness”.

This shimmer will not be as dramatic as foil stamping, or even spot gloss but rather makes a more subtle and elegant statement.

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Pearlized Paper

This shimmering (quasi-metallic) paper stock is a real attention grabber. Great for projects that require a delicate or feminine look. This coated stock can be printed with 4-color process, spot color, or foil stamping. Do keep in mind this specialty stock will shift your colors slightly. Coated, Smooth Texture Plays well with: 4-color process, Spot … Read more

Pearl Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

What Is 14pt Metallic Pearl Paper?

It is a unique stock that shimmers in light when you view it from different angles. It is embedded with pearl fibers that provide the paper with a smooth, reflective and metallic look. The printing on this paper will give a subtle shimmer to your CMYK colors. But, the heavy ink densities can lessen this effect.

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What is the difference between hot foil stamping and cold foil?

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What kind of thick paper stocks do you offer?

We do custom orders of any stock through a custom quote. Feel free to browse our standard paper offerings on this page, which include: Glossy – catches light with its reflective surface Matte – subtler and textured look Uncoated – natural stock texture Pearl metallic – pearlescent effect Silk matte – smooth matte finish that’s water resistant Soft suede – soft and textured stock Plastic – durable and comes in opaque or translucent finish Kraft – rustic and authentic look Colored stock – comes in 50 different colors

What papers do you offer for greeting cards?

We offer a variety of premium paper stocks as standard order, however we can source any paper you would like, just request a custom quote. Standard Matte Smooth Matte Aqueous 16PT Thickness Standard Gloss UV Gloss Coated 16PT Thickness Silk Matte Matte Laminated 18PT Thickness Pearl Shimmer Pearlized Metallic 14PT Thickness Elegant Linen Linen Lined Texture 10PT Thickness Natural Cream Uncoated Off-White 14PT Thickness

What papers do you offer for hang tags?

Our current standard offering of papers for hang tags is: 14 pt Cream 14 pt Pearl 16 pt Matte / Gloss 18 pt Brown Kraft 20 pt Plastic (clear/white) 20 pt Soft-Suede 32 pt Thick Black Layer We can source almost any paper you can imagine, simply fill out our custom order form and we will get you a quote quickly via email.

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Pearl Business Cards