Paper FAQs

A Guide to Letterpress Printing: What it is and why is it important?

Letterpress Printing Guide Source: Design Shack Letterpress printing is an artform that’s been around since 1450. Credit for its creation goes to a German goldsmith, … Read more

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Paper Thickness & Weight Conversion Tool – Imperial to Metric – Points (pt), MM, GSM

Points (pt) Inches Millimeters GSM 16 0.016 0.4064 350 18 0.018 0.4572 20 0.02 0.508 22 0.022 0.5588 24 0.024 0.6096 28 0.028 0.7112 32 … Read more

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Paper Weights: PT, LB, GSM – Comparison

Paper Weights: PT, LB, GSM If you are looking for good card cover stocks, our stocks are measured in PT which stands for Points, and … Read more

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How are Acid-free papers and Archival papers different?

People are often confused about the difference between archival papers and acid-free papers, so they tend to ask a lot of questions. Understand this: Acid-free … Read more

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Guide to Paper Basis Weight and Thickness @ Print Peppermint

Think about the best business card you’ve ever been handed. Beyond how it looked, how did it feel? Was it heavy, dense, or inflexible? Graphic … Read more

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Paper Weight Conversion Chart

In an effort to help eliminate the “Paper Weight” confusion problem, we have compiled the comprehensive table listed below. Now you can compare various types of paper and … Read more

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Why is the print on my plastic card so light?

Plastic cards are made of translucent material. As light passes through them, the image printed in front appears lighter, softer, and muted. If you want … Read more

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What shapes and sizes do you offer for plastic business cards?

Our basic plastic business cards come in 4 shapes and sizes: The Standard, The Square, The Mini, and The Oval. For each option, you can … Read more

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Are plastic business cards waterproof?

Yes. Plastic business cards are on-trend right now, as they are more durable and unique-looking than traditional paper cards. Typically made of flexible but tough … Read more

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What colored papers do you offer?

We can order your specialized colored stock for a custom service. But check out our “ColorPlan” series offerings, where a total of different 50 colors … Read more

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What type of black papers do you offer?

Black business cards are visually stunning. The rich, luxurious look and texture of black paper makes logos, patterns, and foil or embossing treatments stand out. … Read more

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What is recycled brown kraft paper?

Recycled brown kraft paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste such as scraps of paper collected from households and industries. These components make this type … Read more

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What kind of thick paper stocks do you offer?

We do custom orders of any stock through a custom quote. Feel free to browse our standard paper offerings on this page, which include: Glossy … Read more

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What is layered / multi-loft paper?

A multi-loft paper is made of thick cardboard. As its name suggests, it’s composed of multiple layers of uncoated paper. Most of the time, it … Read more

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How do I setup a Spot Gloss UV artwork?

Our premium plastic business cards are made of quality polypropylene. Available in a range of finishes and thickness, you can have your pick of durable … Read more

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What is suede / soft-touch laminated paper?

Also called soft feel or suede finish, soft touch refers to any finishing method that gives print materials a suede-like feel. It’s a little hard … Read more

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