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Clear Business Cards – Plastic


  • Chemical-free Clear PVC
  • Durable and waterproof
  • 20 pt (flexible) or 30 pt (like a credit card)

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Clear Business Cards – Plastic - Overview

Clear business cards are just the coolest thing ever!

When you hand your prospect a semi-translucent clear frosted plastic business cards, you set yourself up for a successful relationship right from the start. The substantial feel of the 20pt clear PVC, coupled with the modern design aesthetic of using clear or frosted PVC gives your customers the impression that you have high standards, and therefore must offer a quality product or service.

Free Round Corners

Because our 20 pt PVC is so tough, we offer complementary rounded corners for these business cards to ensure that neither you nor your customers injure themselves while handling the clear cards. Your choice of 1/8in or 1/4in corner radius, at no additional cost.

Although we don’t offer clear cards with magnet strips, many of our customers use our opaque white PVC business cards for general membership cards. By leaving a blank space on the back of your card design, you are able to write a customer’s name using a permanent marker or sharpie. For example, if you owned a used record store, you might offer a “loyal customer program” or membership for a one-time annual fee that gives them 10% off every order when they show their super cool plastic members-only card.

Another interesting application is to use our clear cards as hang tags. For many t-shirt brands and start-up clothing companies, clear tags are an easy way to give your apparel a visual edge. Although not included in the pricing displayed here, we do offer the hole drilling service that easily turns your clear cards into super groovy hang tags.

About the Paper Stock

What types of clear stock do you print on?

Our premium clear business cards are made of quality polypropylene. Available in a range of finishes and thicknesses, you can have your pick of durable plastic business cards to suit your brand. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable, so these cards are considered eco-friendly options.

In terms of thickness, our 30 PT cards feature the standard credit card size. These clear cards are thick and sturdy, ideal for marketing and networking activities.

Here are the different finishes you can choose from:

  • Clear – completely transparent
  • Frosted – semi-transparent and slightly see-through
  • Opaque – solid white cards and not transparent at all

Keep in mind that your designs will vary in color, intensity, and effect based on the card finish you go for. When you decide on clear or frosted PVC cards, except that the colors will be slightly lighter compared to other stocks. This is due to the clear-frosted PVC, not the printing quality.


Clear Cards Stamped Out with Round Cornered Die

Our clear cards can also have rounded corners to give a smoother touch. This comes at no extra charge.

We have the 20 PT plastic, which comes clear like glass. While we provide this thinner option, we usually recommend that clients get thicker plastic cards. This is due to the fact that the ink prints out so lightly that the details and colors fail to appear as vividly as on 30 PT PVC cards.

Some more design customizing options include spot UV coating, white ink, and PMS ink. The price will depend on your concept.

For foil stamping, we also have the 12 PT frosted-clear PVC at a much more economical price point. You could choose among 15 colors for the foil stamping on your clear cards.

Artwork & File Preparation

Here at Print Peppermint, we consider ourselves lucky that we are exposed to so many creative clear business card designs every single day. If you’ve decided to print on clear PVC for your next business card project, you’ve made a wise choice but there are some things you should know.

Here are a few recommendations that will help make sure your next clear business card turns out amazing:

1. Order a pack of our Business Card Samples

Our business card sample pack includes 20+ samples of our most creative business cards. It also includes some helpful tools for designers like the CMYK Color Reference Plastic Card (see #2).

2. Use dark colors in your clear business card design

In our business card sample pack you will find a 20 pt clear frosted PVC card with some optimized CMYK color values printed on it. This tool was designed to show you what the actual ink color will look like after printing because it is hard to get an accurate impression of color saturation on a semi-transparent medium when designing on a lighted screen.

3. Use lots of negative (blank) space

My favorite part about clear plastic business cards is the simple beauty of the clear frosted PVC. I tend to like minimalist business card designs in general but especially on frosted plastic. What I mean by that is try to make sure you leave lots of blank space or white space in your design and don’t fill the whole canvas with color.

4. If you want it Solid… Use Foil

Although not available on our standard clear card product, foil stamping is available on our 30 pt clear plastic business cards and our 30 pt white plastic business cards.

Whether you choose our 20 pt or 30 pt clear PVC cards, any ink printed areas will have some measure of transparency. This means when the card is laying flat on a white piece of paper the colors really pop but when you hold it up in the air and light penetrates from behind, the image can become very faint.

For this reason, we recommend using a hot foil stamp because the foil is a 100% solid opaque sheet that will provide a full contrast against the translucent PVC.

5. Registration isn’t perfect ?

If you choose to enhance your premium clear business card with special finishes such as foil stamping, spot gloss uv, or white ink (blocker) you need to know from the start things are not going to line up perfectly.

For example (as shown right) if you wish to add a white backer to your PVC card and then print full bleed on top of the white area you may notice a white border, in other words, the ink may not go all the way to the edge of the white blocked area.

If you choose to add spot UV to your clear card you need to know that the spot UV application can shift up to 1/16 ” in any direction from card to card. It is for this reason that we recommend using spot UV on larger elements and not on small text.


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