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Print Peppermint writes about several topics like Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising, Branding & Logo Design, and of course about Printing. Don't know where to start? Start with our Printing Basics, Business Card Basics, or our Business Card Inspiration section.

equipe mc douga

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Equipe Mcdougall is a real estate firm spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Mathew McDougall. He is a self-made man who launched his career as an entrepreneur at the age of just 17 years. His longstanding experience in the real estate industry equipped him with a vast knowledge of residential properties and commerce and made …

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ellusionist magic training

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Eugene Woronyuk’s message to aspiring creative designers: make the text as readable as possible. This might seem like simple and outdated advice, but it’s actually quite important. In the above card, the designer could have used a comic sans or some other fancy, cartoonish font, but he didn’t. He knew that it would not only …

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elias elias

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Renaud Mignerey, an expert in creative design, believes that detail takes precedence over information in a business card. Anyone can scour the web for information on a product or a service. A business card should showcase textures and graphics and copy that is a striking representation of a brand’s personality. The above business card is …

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eleven07 creative fil

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Levente Toth, another master of the craft, believes that before hastily proceeding to the designing phase, a designer must think and generate unique ideas. He strongly believes that behind every successful business card is a tedious and targeted thought-process. In this card, the designer has first acquainted himself with Jeff Chennault’s target audience, his brand …

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dylans barber shop

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Justin Marimon’s work contains at least one unique element. He believes that a business card should not be a forgettable affair. It should speak volumes without saying a lot and have an unhinged uniqueness about it. This is why he always makes sure that he doesn’t make mundane rectangular or square business cards. His business …

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donovan veeley designer

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Dennis Kramer advises young designers to contain their creativity. Don’t be over cleaver and rely on the properties of the printed material at hand to create something original and unique. The above card is draped in red because it’s an appropriate reflection of the brand’s services and products. And there’s no need to add more …

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drew keller williams realtor

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Max Pirsky says that a designer should assign purpose to every design element. A designer must ask himself, why did he choose this image? Why did he choose these colors and why not those? Why did he include contact details at the front and not at the back? Answering these questions will determine the impact …

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dj kuki musician

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Eli Horn, a creative designer with a longstanding holding, stresses upon working with the printing materials and techniques you have at your disposal. “Work with what you have rather than what you’re unfamiliar with.” She says. Business cards have digital blueprints, but at the end of the day, they are tangible representations of your brand …

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design life architecture interiors

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Design Life is the new name in town, with the motto “Your life, Our Design.” If you visit their website, you will see images of pillows and interior design arrangements of water taps and open doors, and other architectural elements ― all beautifully presented and placed. For a business who proclaims to design your home …

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dermatology consultants medical

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In a world crowded with banal rectangular and square business cards, how do you raise yourself among the common herd? Quite simple ― you shape your business card like a double-sided convex mirror. Everything about this card seems straightforwardly simple. The typography is simple. There’s a lot of white space, as there should be. The …

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darren frank consultant

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Let the colors of your business card do the talking for you. The earthen shade coupled with a crisp orange and black set the tone for this simple yet effective business card. The colors zigzag and cross paths without spilling into each other creating wonderfully neat and slick patterns. I love how the designer has …

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dark matter collective

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In this business card, the brand logo and the brand name are placed side by side, instead of the much too common pattern where the name comes under the logo. This play with the dimension of the logo as well as its texture is clearly echoed in the special printing method used on this business …

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