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Print Peppermint writes about several topics like Graphic DesignMarketing & AdvertisingBranding & Logo Design, and of course about Printing. Don't know where to start? Start with our Printing BasicsBusiness Card Basics, or our Business Card Inspiration section.

phone support

Be a fly on the wall – Listen in on one of our Amazing Customer Support team members helping a customer over the phone!

Mike: Thank you for calling Print Peppermint. This is Mike. How can I help you today? Sheila: Hi, ...
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How to Make Business Cards: A Step by Step Guide

Whether you’re just starting as a professional or have been in the game for a while, new business ...
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Business Card Holders For Women, Our 5 Favs!

Now that you have your creative new business cards you need somewhere to store them that they won’t ...
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19 Useful Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Can Afford

Excellent properties can sell themselves, but you need to get potential buyers there to see it in the ...
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Material Design

5 Surefire Ways to Apply Material Design Principles into Your Print Design Templates

Material design is a popular design style used in almost every website, blog, app, and design created after ...
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Creative Ideas for Artists' Business Cards

Creative Ideas for Artists’ Business Cards

When you are in the creative field, people around expect you to be more distinctive and unique. So, ...
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