Custom Die Cut Guitar Shaped Business Card

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Custom Die Cut Guitar Shaped Business Card Sometimes we get a project in that really allows us to flex our muscles. Enter Ebenezer, Mississippi’s own Ben Crittenden’s Custom Die Cut Guitar Shaped Business Card. 28pt Silk Matte and embellished with cold foil! This custom die cut is in the shape of the headstock of the … Read more

34pt Mohawk Superfine & Blind Emboss

Great to have worked with Sean’s on his cards for his new project Chef 2 Shelf. It’s the perfect example of how well blind embossing and one of our premium paper stocks, 34 Mohawk Superfine, can be used to create a very elegant yet subtle effect on a card. Coupled with a minimalist front and … Read more

Peppermint T-shirts are coming… get excited!

print peppermint archetypes of business cards t shirt design

Recently, Taro, our lead designer at Print Peppermint created several concepts for the new Print Peppermint T-shirt and this one was by far the crowd favorite. The shirts will be American Apparel blanks printed with 2 color water-based inks and will be produced in the coming weeks. Cheesy promotional giveaways and design contests to follow… … Read more

Trim vs Bleed

Print Industry Terminology by Mike Alderman

Whats the difference between 350gsm, 16pt, and 110 lbs card stock? Nothing at all! Printing terminology can be a confusing subject. And what may describe a cutting guideline for a printer, could mean the end of a career for a young barber.

The Edge… Painting?

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If you came here looking for U2 guitarist The Edge‘s magnificent oil paintings, then I’m sorry to say that you mistakenly clicked on the wrong site. But!! If you came here looking for a way to add extra flair to your business cards, then you’re in luck!

Hot Foil Vs Cold Foil – What’s the Difference?

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Hot Foil Vs Cold Foil What’s the Difference? Humans are mesmerized by shiny things and like to pay top dollar for jewels and accessories that sparkle. Foil has a nice way of adding that light and dimension to your card design that we as humans are naturally drawn to. The shimmering contrast between the foil … Read more

Atomic Studios

atomic kid studios - print peppermint

Today we have the honor of featuring Stephen from Atomic Kid Studios.  Each month we feature two of our customers to talk about their business, th Stephen, can you tell us a little bit about your business and the projects you work on? Atomic Kid Studios is the net result of combining forces with other … Read more

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