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Print Peppermint writes about several topics like Graphic DesignMarketing & AdvertisingBranding & Logo Design, and of course about Printing. Don't know where to start? Start with our Printing BasicsBusiness Card Basics, or our Business Card Inspiration section.

This or That: How to Choose the Perfect Business Card Template

Ever since you were a kid, people have probably been telling you about the importance of a good first impression. In the professional world, even in the digital age, one of the key ingredients to this all-important first impression is a professional, aesthetically pleasing business card. The tricky thing about business cards, though, is that …

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7 Expert Tips on How NOT to design a logo

We might wish we haven’t, but we’ve all seen them. Turn around and consider a local business, and there is a chance their logo is simply terrible. Hell, even large brands can make the same mistake. Have you seen the logo of the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission? No matter how much smart designers preach about …

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15 Brands Lost in Translation – Epic Brand Fails

Know your Market 15 Brands Lost in Translation: When it comes to expanding a brand into new countries, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of knowing the culture of the market you are moving into, and one of the most important cultural factors is understanding their language. Do Your Homework It might sound …

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Essential Free Graphic Design Resources

Free Graphic Design Resources: It doesn’t matter if your budding new designer or a seasoned veteran with years of cranking out designs under your belt. You always have a use for some quality free design assets. With literally thousands of free and/or premium vector, type, and stock photo sites out there on the internet separating …

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PSA: We're All Matter

We’re All Matter Our hearts go out to all those who have lost family, friends, and colleagues due to any kind of prejudice. Be it racial, sexual, or religious difference we need to understand we are all essentially the same. We are all made of matter and matter is in everything. We all require the …

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Cheap Business Cards

Looking For Cheap Business Cards? If you’ve found yourself here you were probably on the hunt for cheap business cards! With literally hundreds of options out there all with astonishingly low prices, how do you know you’re going to get a quality product? One major thing to consider when looking at the quality of cheap …

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Will Smith – Independence Day Cartoon Illustration

Happy Will-pendence Day Back in 2016, we ran a discount on Independence day. But unlike most other retailers, our marketing focused less on patriotism and more on Will Smith 🙂 2016 Ad Copy: How do you like to spend your 4th of July? Do you visit family and grill with your loved ones? Do you …

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