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Edge Business Cards

  • 32 pt Thick Paper or Fatter
  • Ink Painted or Foil Stamped Edges
  • Custom PMS Colors & 50 Foils
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    Product Details

    Painted or Foil Edge Business Cards

    Out of the 10 billion+ business cards printed per year, 88% end up being hooped into garbage in less than a week. Out of these, potential clients hold on to a color card 10 times longer than a standard white card.

    Do you want your card to end up in that 88%, or do you want your potential clients to hold on to your card even longer than 10 times?

    If you said yes to the second option, then work with us at Print Peppermint to pave the way to a winning business card design.

    Why Hire Us?

    Like everything else, the design of a stationary item is grounded in an idea. Fortunately, we know the tricks behind breathing life into an idea that turns heads. That’s what we call a ‘great design.’ 38% of people are drawn to brands that provide visually appealing marketing content. With only a small rectangular paper at your disposal to represent the entirety of your brand, there isn’t much space to go by. However, since our job is to turn your idea into a great one, we offer you colored-edge business cards which make a much bigger impact while respecting the laws of minimalism.

    Painted Edges – The Halos around Your Cards

    Hand out a business card with a painted edge and you’ll definitely turn glances twice—or even thrice—your card’s way. Imagine walking into an office and finding a stack of business cards forming a colored edge. THAT sort of wow you will feel is exactly the sort of reaction your potential clients will experience after being handed your colored-edge business card.

    If your brand’s card is the body, its edges form its halo. And if halos come in colors, so should your card!

    Design Specifications

    39% of people choose not to do business with someone if they feel that their business’s card is ‘cheap looking.’ You can expect thin, ‘plastic-y’, and easily crushable business cards to come under the cheap category of business cards. That is why we print cards on colored-edge, 32pt, and double thick, silk matte laminated paper stock. This paper stock is ideal because it is thin enough to write on with a pen/pencil yet at the same time, thick enough to be twice the weight of a regular card.

    For the color of your cards’ edges, you can select from an aesthetic range of more than 15 edge colors. They are: black, brown, metallic gold, metallic pink, metallic purple, pink, red, yellow, blue, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic orange, white, turquoise, orange and white. These colors are standard, but you can also choose from neon inks. If that does not suit your brand’s identity, we can help you find the right color from our custom PMS colors.

    Furthermore, since the front and back of your card will be 4-color process printed, with the edges spot-colored PMS and hand-painted, the exact matching of colors between the front/back and edges isn’t ensured. However, you can use contrasting colors for your card and its edges. It’s all the more catchy.

    You can also pick edge colors based on your brand’s logo color, the background color of your card, and/or typography color.

    Additional Ad-ons and Services

    Research shows almost 72% of people judge a company by the quality of their business card. Just because a card comes in a colored edge doesn’t mean the audience is going to pay more attention to the quality. There has to be more to it. That is why we are offering the following extra features for your painted edge business card:

    • Foil Stamping
    • Die Cutting
    • Colored Edges
    • Spot UV
    • Raised Spot UV
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Round Corners
    • Foil Edge Gilding
    • Pantone Inks
    • Scoring / Folding

    We also offer discounts on specific numbers of card sets. So, if you are ordering card stacks in bulk for your whole team and/or company, these discounts will save your day. We offer one set of cards for a price of $145.00.

    A Business Card that Makes the Right Impression

    It is almost common knowledge these days that more and more energy and resources are being constantly invested in visual marketing. Card embossing, colored foils, die cuts…you name it. So, if visuals matter so much today, with people having stronger design opinions, are you sure you’ made the right choice designing that tiny rectangle that is such a powerful brand representative? If not, a painted edge business card might just be the final nail in the coffin.  

    Do you think your business card will end up being one of those 88% that turns to garbage, or will it make it to the stack that people tend to hold on to 10 times stronger than another ‘ordinary’ looking cards? Does your business card capture the attention of the 72% who use the quality of your card as metric gauge for the professionalism of your entire brand?

    Not sure about any of these? Stop by at our company and give painted edge business cards a shot.

    Why Hire Us

    With an available turnaround of 2-4 working days, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Experience the full force of design by working with our meticulously-verified artwork proofs. We offer free ground shipping on orders over $50. If the stats and figures don’t convince you enough, head over to our site and check out the numerous positive reviews from past customers. Last but not the least, if you are a newbie in the business card design sphere or are starting/renewing a business, our award-winning team of expert designers is there to help you.

    Design a Long-Lasting Business Card

    Ensure your card will be memorable and catchy by having its edges color-printed. Even if it sits under a pile of paperwork on a desk, your clients will easily find it thanks to a bright, funky colored edge that stares at them even from a distance. Even if it’s stashed in a wall of wallets, it will still be visible owing to its colored edge. Make the color of your brand’s logo—a highly important element on your card—pop up with a complementary or contrasting edge color!

    Our Customers Love Us!

    6 days ago
    Brian K.
    (verified owner)

    A great experience, fun presentation, and entertaining way to imagine all the creative possibilities!!

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    7 days ago
    (verified owner)

    Great high-end options and unique combinations to allow for really creative print products!

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    1 week ago
    (verified owner)

    Great customer service and a stellar product. Highly recommend!

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    2 weeks ago
    Leticia Marquez
    (verified owner)


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