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20 Sep 2018 | Tags

Levente Toth, another master of the craft, believes that before hastily proceeding to the designing phase, a designer must think and generate unique ideas. He strongly believes that behind every successful business card is a tedious and targeted thought-process.

In this card, the designer has first acquainted himself with Jeff Chennault’s target audience, his brand philosophy, mission, and message. He hasn’t just splattered a couple of random images to see if they “look good”.

This shows in each and every detail.

What sets apart Jeff Chenault from other creative designers is his versatility. He has worked with cream-of-the-crop creative companies in the world and designed everything, from album covers to greeting cards. He’s a professional individual who has not only relied on his raw talent and passion for creative design but also honed his skills through rigorous practice and experience.

The designer knows that these details are essential to design a business card that screams “Jeff Chenault” at the top of its voice.

The imagery is stunningly high-definition and occupies a lot of space on the business card, visually representing Jeff Chenault’s work and his talents. The copy is minimal and to-the-point.  The back of the card is reined over by empty space, which compensates for the crowdedness of the imagery on the front.

So, if you’re designing a business card, you must first get to know the business. There are no shortcuts or magical first-steps. Keep this in mind.

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