Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script

, Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script


Online videos have taken over the Internet by storm, including the usage of animated videos. Animated videos are normally informative, if not just for leisurely viewing. So, if you want to attract more people to your business, then consider creating an animation script!

What Is It?

, Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script


“Animated videos are often used to spread a message in an authentic way,” says Jerry Stein, a recruiter at Academized and Resumention. “Whether you’re talking about a specific topic, training staff with an informational video, or demonstrating your business to clients and consumers, you’ll need to think about making your script informative while showing off the authenticity.”

With that said, here are some objectives to keep in mind, as we dive deeper into writing an animation script in this essential guide:

Every detail, every line of a creative script will come back to the main theme. Your approach exactly should be in a way to present your core message to your audience successfully.

Even when your script is just for three or five minutes of animated video. Take hours or if possible, days to write, rewrite and fine-tune the script to perfection.

Some points to remember when script writing for an animated video,

  • Take advantage of storytelling.
  • Think authentic: Informative, while being conversational (as if you were talking to a friend).
  • Think about your customers, not what you’re good at.
  • Keep your script short and sweet.
  • Learn to emote.
  • Surprise your audience with something amazing.
  • Have a call-to-action message at the end.

As you can see, an effective animation script is essential to creating an effective animated video for your business. With that in mind, here are 7 tips on how to create a successful animation script to use for your video:

  1. Start With A Concept
, Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script

Source: Animaker

First and foremost, you’ll need a concept. In other words, your animated video needs a reason for existing. In that case, if you’re looking to promote your brand, then the video has to promote it in a way that it’s both informative and conversational.

To build your concept, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is/are your target audience?
  • What problem(s) can your brand solve?
  • Why do you want your video animated?
  • What is the ultimate goal of your video?
  • What is the core theme of your video? And so on …

Questions like these will guide you through the concepting process.

  1. Use Simple Language

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be 100% an expert in English. In fact, animated videos tend to be descriptive to where actions speak louder than words (or “a picture is worth 1,000 words” logic). This is especially true for, say, explainer videos, which show viewers how to do something, demonstrating each step to viewers.

Plus, people don’t have to know how well you know complex dictionary language. Simple English words are ideal for your animation script, so that no viewer struggles with understanding your message.

  1. Make Sentences Short And Sweet
, Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script

Source: Explainers

Next, no one wants to feel bored when watch a video. Therefore, make sure that your animation script is short and sweet, so that viewers can absorb information quickly, while not being bored from listening to a long message.

Stick with no more than 20 words per sentence. Short sentences are to the point, and they allow viewers to absorb enough information right away.

Speaking of keeping it short …

  1. Consider The Word Count

Also, think about word count. Again, you don’t want to bore your audience with something long. Word count will help you dictate how you want your animated video to turn out. However, keep in mind that a video should hook your audience within the first 7 seconds, so that people are more enticed to stay and see what your brand is about.

Consider sticking with the following word counts based on their average timetables:

  • A 45-second video usually has a script that’s between 90-110 words
  • A 60-second video is between 120-170 words
  • A 90-second video? 200-250 words
  • A video that’s 2 minutes long? 250-300 words
  1. Tell A Good Story
, Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script

Source: Powtoon

Everyone loves a good story. With animated videos (especially educational ones), you can definitely bring stories to life.

In your animation script, not only should you keep it short and sweet, but you should still get a good story in to keep viewers entertained. Create scenarios, or include brief testimonials from your customers or clients.

As you can see, telling a good story gives your video a human face that grabs people’s attention, and even triggers emotional responses from them.

  1. Add A Call-To-Action

“Call-to-actions – or CTAs – are designed to tell your audience what they should do after they watch your video,” says Drew Sparrow, a business writer at Academ advisor and Write my essay. “That’s why it’s important to include a CTA at the end of your script, so that viewers can be enticed to respond to your video. Usually, the CTA should be placed a few extra seconds before the video closes, so that viewers get a chance to respond to the call.”

Consider the following CTAs to use in your video:

  • “Subscribe” message
  • “Next Up” (indicating the next video to watch)
  • “Previous” (indicating the previous video)
  • “Visit Us” (takes viewers to your website)
  1. Review The Script
, Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script

Source: Animation World Network

Finally, when you have your animation script drafted, you can share it with your colleagues and or coworkers for feedback. When collecting feedback, be sure to remember the following objectives:

  • Make sure that your script is easy to read.
  • See that your sentences are short and sweet.
  • Make sure to have an appropriate tone – natural and conversational.
  • Ensure that your brief story makes sense for your message and your audience.
  • Add an effective CTA at the end.

Once you go over the objectives, you’ll better understand what works, what areas to improve in, and how to write scripts in the future.


, Essential Guide On Writing An Animation Script

Source: Behance

Ultimately, brands will flock to animated videos as a means to market their products and services to people, as well as to educate up-and-coming work talents. If you’re looking to sell, promote, educate, etc., then consider writing an animation script today, and keep in mind the tips discussed in this essential guide.

We wish you the very best in your business endeavors!

Elizabeth Hines is a writer and editor at Student writing services and Via Writing. She is also a contributing writer for Dissertation service. As a content writer, she writes articles about the latest tech and marketing trends, innovations, and strategies.

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