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Paper Thickness & Weight Conversion Tool – Imperial to Metric – Points, MM, GSM

Points Inches Millimeters GSM 16 0.016 0.4064 350 18 0.018 0.4572 20 0.02 0.508 22 0.022 0.5588 24 0.024 0.6096 28 0.028 0.7112 32 0.032 […]

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What is the Difference Between Blind and Registered Embossing?

First off, what is embossing? Embossing is impressing a design or decoration with or without a printed image. The whole embossing process is very good […]

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Paper Weights: PT, LB, GSM – Comparison

Paper Weights: PT, LB, GSM If you are looking for good card cover stocks, our stocks are measured in PT which stands for Points, and […]

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Size of #10 Envelope: What is a #10 Envelope and How Big is it?

The size of a typical #10 envelop is 9.5 x 4.125 inches …and if you purchase a windowed size, the window placement will be a […]

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When you are looking for a font size for your printing job, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider to get […]

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Using Microsoft Word to Make Business Cards

Business cards leave a lasting impression. A business card can either make or mar your business. It can draw more customers to you just as […]

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How are Acid-free papers and Archival papers different?

People are often confused about the difference between archival papers and acid-free papers, so they tend to ask a lot of questions. Understand this: Acid-free […]

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What Is The Size of A Business Card in Pixels

There was, perhaps, a time when all business cards were the same size (at least all business cards in the same geographic region), but that […]

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Guide to Paper Basis Weight and Thickness @ Print Peppermint

Think about the best business card you’ve ever been handed. Beyond how it looked, how did it feel? Was it heavy, dense, or inflexible? Graphic […]

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Exporting A Print Ready Pdf File From Illustrator Or Indesign.

During the exportation of your printed files, you have to ensure that your files are print-ready. Cross-check all the contents to know they are within […]

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What is a mask file?

How to Setup Mask Files If your project includes foil stamping, spot UV, embossing, or die-cutting you will need to provide a mask file (per […]

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Do you offer free samples of suede?

Yes! Please request a sample pack for $1 which includes multiple examples of our suede touch coating (laminate).

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