Exporting A Print Ready Pdf File From Illustrator Or Indesign.

During the exportation of your printed files, you have to ensure that your files are print-ready. Cross-check all the contents to know they are within the safety margin needed. Before you export your files, ensure that you have checked your spelling and the quality of your image.

Before you export the files,

  • You need to remove objects present on the artboard that is not going to be printed. These objects include extra layers, links, etc.
  • Your artwork must be in CMYK color mode for better editing.
  • The image should be in at least 300ppi,
  • You must remove any template you have used.

To export, you have to do the following,

  • On illustrator, you click on the File button and go to save a copy
  • On InDesign, you click on File and go to Export
  • Set the format to PDF and name the file. Select save when you have done this.
  • Choose press quality when your dialog box appears.
  • Click on Export.

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