How do I setup artwork for Clear or Silver Metallic Roll Labels with White ink?

When using Clear Labels, you have a choice to opt white ink as the color of base so that the prints can be opaque in few areas and transparent in some. When using Bright Metallic Silver, the foil material will be hidden by white ink to make solid colors.

White Mask files are distinct from your given artwork files and Black color specifies where all white ink will print, just like in Spot UV Masks.

Remember to create the mask file in the same size as the color art file. This will suppress alignment issues while printing.

Note: White Masks have to be made in vector form in shapes and saved in EPS or PDF format.

Also, you must apply vector paths/shapes in order to create black colored areas that will specify where the white ink base will come. The remaining area represents the Transparent or Metallic label stock.

We show a sample of a clear label that has been printed using white ink. Firstly, showing how artwork and white mask files look like, after that, a printed piece from the files is shown:

Now a sample of a Bright Metallic Silver label with white ink is shown. Firstly, it shows the artwork and white mask files and then a printed piece from these files:

Black in the white mask file specifies where white ink is going to be printed. Ensure the following steps while creating a white mask for your white ink base:

  • Behind any color in your Artwork Layer, White ink base will be printed.
  • Areas having color, but no White Mask will be printed having color directly on the material. This denotes that Metallic stock will have Metallic color And Clear stock will have transparent color.
  • Areas that have color and also a White Mask will be printed as solid color or opaque.
  • Areas having a White Mask, but no color will be printed as white.


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