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Artwork FAQs

What the heck is cold foil / photo foil?

Using Akuafoil, your wide range of CMYK colors can be turned into multi-colored foils. Akuafoil uses a special processed foil system that is used under […]

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How do I setup artwork for Foil Stamped product?

Only one type of foil per order can be used (you cannot order a Foil Worx job with Gold on the front and Silver on […]

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How do I design for products printed on Plastic?

When you design plastic cards you must keep in mind that clear plastic cards and the frosted ones are transparent. Also, plastic cards with round […]

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How do Pantone Colors affect a 4color Process printed product?

There are three diverse ways Pantone colors can affect the printing of your job. The first is ‘by object effects’, on your Pantone colors (Ex. […]

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What is “banding” ?

There are several causes of banding. It can be due to the program that it is exported from like Indesign or Corel. Also, too many […]

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Why does my business card crack around the edges?

When business cards crack around the edges, it is usually because card might contain high values of ink, as in dark colors. CLOSE UP OF […]

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Rich Black CMYK Values – How to get the darkest black possible with 4color Process Printing!

Rich black is an ink mixture of solid black, 100% K, with added CMY ink values. This CAUSES a darker tone than black ink alone. […]

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Can I have grayscale images in my art?

Yes, but please note Grayscale images will have some color shift in the end print which are converted to CMYK. The shift might be either green […]

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What are your preferred PDF export settings?

Use the following export settings when you are exporting from any program like Indesign or Illustrator. This guarantees correct export of .pdf files. EXPORT SETTINGS […]

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How do I make sure my blues don’t turn out purple?

When you want some blue in your design, always leave a minimum 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values. 100% C 100% M 0% […]

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How do I setup a Spot Gloss UV artwork?

For a job of Spot UV, include a template file of Spot UV and a file of regular print. The template file of Spot UV […]

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What is meant by overprint and ways it can affect my file?

Overprint is exclusively used for intentional overlapping of inks for numerous reasons, but it can originate unexpected results. All the overprint objects are recommended to […]

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Should I send a mockup proof with my art files?

It is not required but can sometimes be helpful in explaining your vision to our Pre-Press design team.

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How do I avoid transparency issues?

Before saving a life, you can resolve Any issues in transparency. To prevent this, do not use glows, shadows or any further transparency (image or […]

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How do I set up my files for proper rotation?

At Print Peppermint, we love to receive Print Ready format files that have appropriate rotation. When you files aren’t perfect, it is no problem because […]

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Are borders in my artwork acceptable?

Yes, but on our standard production line products you may get off-center cut results. On our premium and custom products that are done in smaller […]

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