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Artwork FAQs

What is the minimum suggested font size for roll label printing?

A font that is 8-point or greater is recommended to be used on all Roll Labels  that are Bright Metallic so you can evade thin […]

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Is providing a mask file required?

If you’ve chosen a finish that requires one, like: white ink, foil, spot uv, etc – then yes! But if you don’t know how to […]

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How do I setup artwork for Clear or Silver Metallic Roll Labels with White ink?

When using Clear Labels, you have a choice to opt white ink as the color of base so that the prints can be opaque in […]

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How should I set up artwork for a Roll Label? What are the specific requirements for bleed?

Download our provided Roll Label Templates. The measurements of safety line bleed are different as compared to other products, so their usage is highly recommended. The […]

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What font size can I use in my Raised Foil order artwork?

Do not have fonts smaller than 10pt. With bold fonts and thicker strokes, do not use font-size less than 12pt. 

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How can I tell the difference between Raised Foil and regular Hot Foil Stamping?

Raised Foil Cards will have a raised finish while the Foil Worx will have a flat finish. You can feel the foil on the raised […]

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How can I get excellent results on Raised Foil Cards?

Your Foil coverage must be less than 30% if you want the best results. Else, the foil won’t look nice as it will be wavy. […]

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Can I print ink under foil stamped areas?

A solid color behind the foil mask can be printed. Do not use artwork to text as it will lead to visibility issues. You are […]

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Should I include crop marks or guidelines in my art files?

It doesn’t really matter if you do or don’t because our in-house prepress team will place your files on our production templates and send you […]

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How can I get excellent results on Raised Spot UV Cards?

Your UV coverage must be less than 30% if you want the best results. Else, the cards may get stuck together. Also, use the vector-based […]

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How can I design greeting cards with Raised Spot UV?

Make sure there is a space of 0.25” between mask file and scoring line. It will prevent varnish breakage and allows effortless folding.

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What is the smallest font size I can use for Raised Spot UV artwork?

You are advised not to use font-size lesser than 6pt. But, if you have thicker strokes, use size no less than 9pt.       

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How do I tell the difference between Spot UV and Raised Spot UV

Spot UV is a shiny layer with a flat finish. It goes precisely in the place where you’d want your piece to have a glossy […]

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How do I create a raised spot uv order?

Both Spot UV jobs and Raised Spot UV jobs can be set up the same way. You should include a mask file for Raised Spot […]

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How should my bleed be set up?

Bleed should extend from the image’s cut-line and during end cutting phase, it will be clipped from the product. When you require image to extend […]

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My file should be of what resolution?

Files in Low resolution might be paused until new files are received or they might be printed as they are. This will surely negatively affect […]

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