Artwork FAQs

Which color mode is preferred for my files?

There is a possibility of color shifting when you send a RGB file. Your satisfaction will also not be guaranteed. CMYK color mode is preferable […]

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What should be the format of files that I send to Print Peppermint?

We suggest that you save file as .pdf. Other format that are recommended for sending the file include jpg, tif, jpeg, tiff, png and eps. […]

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How to setup artwork files for spot uv?

When creating a Spot UV job, You must include a Spot UV template file along with the regular full color file. The Spot UV template […]

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How do I setup files for foil or spot uv?

Foil mask files are set up just like our Spot UV mask files. The file can only be black and white. All black areas should […]

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