When and how should I scale my artwork to keep the file in a manageable size?

While scaling your artwork can make it more manageable size-wise, it’s not always required to change size specifications. You should only use smaller scales if the file is too big.

Here are different types of artwork and print materials, and how to scale each one:

  • Vector Art

Grand4mat can print large outdoor banners of up to 150 ft. x 16 ft., but most software nowadays will only create art up to 228 inches. Also, PDF reader and converter software like Adobe Acrobat have a maximum view size of 200 inches. This means you could lose a portion of the piece.

It’s recommended that you scale files according to the maximum capacity of the software, rather than the desired print size. That way, you won’t lose parts of the artwork.

  • Raster Art

Raster files, unlike Vector files, are measured by pixels and not inches. The file resolution determines how many pixels are to be converted to inches.

Conversion can be measured by pixels/dpi = inches

Raster files have a maximum of 30,000 pixels. For a 30,000-pixel file set at 150 dpi, inch conversion will be at 16 feet (about 200 inches).

In case your artwork exceeds 30,000 pixels, lower the dpi or scale the file down.

  • Resolution and Scale Charts

The good thing about Grand4Mat is that it automatically expands or constricts your file according to your preferred order size. The resolution will vary based on the substrate and ink used for printing.

Here are a few examples of scale sizes for various print materials:

  1. Outdoor Banners

Full scale – around 100dpi

Half scale – around 200dpi

Quarter scale – around 300dpi

*Banners larger than 15 ft. can be printed below 100dpi

  1. Flags

Full scale – around 150dpi

  1. Canvas

Full scale – around 250dpi

  1. Coroplast and Adhesive Vinyl

Full scale – around 200dpi

  1. Foamcore

Full scale – around 250dpi

  1. PVC

Full scale – around 250dpi

  1. Outdoor and Indoor Banners, Magnets, Floor Graphics, and Large-Scale Posters

Full scale – around 300dpi

  1. Table Runner

Full scale – 200dpi

  1. Adhesive Vinyl

Full scale – 100dpi

*For this type of material, vector artwork is recommended

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