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Can I paint on my vinyl banner?

Yes you can, you will need to test out the different paint types to see which works best for your use.

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How do I clean my vinyl banner?

With a warm towel or rag and a dash of soap. If you have the 13oz scrim vinyl banner, you really can’t hurt it.

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Can you recycle vinyl banners?

Yes you can, mail yours back to us free of charge if you’d like us to handle it for you.

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What are the benefits and applications of blockout and mesh banners?

Outdoor banners have to be strong enough to hold up against the elements. They also need to be large and flashy enough to attract attention. So, if you want a banner that can look great even after long-term exposure to harsh environments, you have two options: blockout and mesh banners.…

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What is the difference between a standard and premium retractable banner really?

Retractable banners are perfect for trade shows, conferences, and in-store events, where you need to attract attention, build brand awareness, and promote products. These are usually lightweight, compact, and easy to set up. You have two options to choose from: standard and premium retractable banners. Standard retractable banners are light…

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What type of banner materials do you print on?

8oz Mesh Outdoor Vinyl: This is a lighter vinyl that allows for wind to pass through and some through-visibility. 10 mil Premium Indoor Vinyl: Great for POP displays that quickly and conveniently showcase your products and services. Art quality print resolution. 13 oz Scrim Outdoor Vinyl: features a threaded grid…

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How do I assemble my banner?

x-stand retractible step repeat

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Why the hell is my file so big?

If you are creating your banner design in a raster based program such as Adobe Photoshop, your file is going to be large. Depending on your design this may be necessary, however, we suggest using a vector based design software such as Adobe Illustrator. As long as your design doesn’t…

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What are grommets and pole pockets?

Banners are often hung from a higher point to make it more visible to passersby. Attachments such as pole pockets and grommets may be added to the banners to make sure they are held securely in place when hung. Grommets are small rings fastened into the hem of the banner…

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I would love borders on my banner or sign, is that cool?

Unfortunately, borders are a no-no for printing. Borders are problematic since all substrates vary for each batch. This makes precise cutting almost impossible. For Grand4mat, it’s strongly recommended not to add borders on your design. If you insist on including them, go for borders about 2 inches thick. However, do…

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Should I include crop marks on large format orders?

No. Grand4mat is especially designed to trim your file according to custom specifications. Do not include crop marks and other markings that are not supposed to show on the printed piece.

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When and how should I scale my artwork to keep the file in a manageable size?

While scaling your artwork can make it more manageable size-wise, it’s not always required to change size specifications. You should only use smaller scales if the file is too big. Here are different types of artwork and print materials, and how to scale each one: Vector Art Grand4mat can print…

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What size should my text be if I want to view my banner or yard sign from a distance?

Your text size will mostly depend on two factors: desired print size, and the distance you want the text to be readable from. Check out the Scale and Resolution Chart below, which serves as a guide for your estimates:

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What file format is best for large format products?

For Grand4mat, PDF format is recommended. However, the machine can also process other formats like JPG or TIF.

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Do I need bleed for my large format design files?

Coroplast, PVC, Foamcore, Car Magnets, Banner Stands and Large Posters: We require a 0.5 inch bleed on all sides. If ordering at 24 inch by 18 inch, your file size should be 25 inches by 19 inches to allow for bleed. Loose Outdoor Banners, Indoor Banners and Canvas Banners: We…

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