What are the benefits and applications of blockout and mesh banners?

Outdoor banners have to be strong enough to hold up against the elements. They also need to be large and flashy enough to attract attention. So, if you want a banner that can look great even after long-term exposure to harsh environments, you have two options: blockout and mesh banners.

Blockout banners make two-sided printing possible. You can easily double your ad’s visibility and effectiveness with this option.

Made with 100% opacity, these banners blockout the print from the other side. These banners also prevent printed graphics from washing out, especially when a light source is right behind the sign. That means you can hang blockout banners on the street or from light poles.

Mesh banners are an excellent choice for outdoor areas where weather conditions are usually harsh. Instead of using wind slits, which can tear a banner apart over time, mesh banners are printed on polyester. This allows the air to blow right through the material.

A mesh banner doesn’t block light, which means you can hang it from a balcony or scaffolding. Although crisscrossed fibers may be visible, the surface is still printable. Mesh banners are often displayed on construction or sports fences.

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