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HomeFAQsBanners FAQsWhat type of banner materials do you print on?

What type of banner materials do you print on?

HomeFAQsBanners FAQsWhat type of banner materials do you print on? 

8oz Mesh Outdoor Vinyl: This is a lighter vinyl that allows for wind to pass through and some through-visibility.

10 mil Premium Indoor Vinyl: Great for POP displays that quickly and conveniently showcase your products and services. Art quality print resolution.

13 oz Scrim Outdoor Vinyl: features a threaded grid throughout the banner for increased strength and durability. The print resolution is great but not as high as our 10mil premium indoor vinyl. This material does allow for much larger sizes.

Our 15oz Blockout Vinyl is perfect for situations where you need the highest quality banner. Its smooth surface provides for a high level of print detail so it can be viewed up close. Blockout Vinyl is opaque so it won’t let the sun through or be transparent. It’s heavier and more durable than our 13oz Outdoor Banner plus its low curl so even if it’s stored in a tube, it will stay smooth when rolled out. This material is typically used for banners, flags, signage, trade shows, or other events. Blackout Vinyl is perfect for hanging banners or signs where banner opacity is needed.

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