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Home / FAQs / Brochures FAQs / What is the difference between a flimsy or stiff brochure?

What is the difference between a flimsy or stiff brochure?

The quality of the paper you choose determines the look of your brochure. Depending on your choice, you could either produce a flimsy or a stiff brochure.

As its name suggests, a flimsy brochure is made out of thin paper such as regular copy paper. This option is less expensive than thicker paper alternatives such as card stock or matte stock. While it can look just as good as a stiff brochure, it won’t be as durable. Flimsy paper tears easier. Hence, we don’t recommend using them for marketing materials that tend to receive a lot of mileage.

Stiff brochures are made of crisp papers such as mattes or glosses. These are pricier than regular flimsy ones, but they hold up pretty well. Not to mention, colors may appear more vividly on gloss finishes. That means high-quality paper is more likely to draw people’s attention.

Ultimately, it’s best to find the right kind of paper that fits the purpose of your brochure. If you choose thin paper, your material might tear easily. But if you go with something too stiff, it might ruin your brochure’s design, and it will be harder for consumers to browse through.