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What papers do you offer for brochures?

Our brochures come in four different premium paper types: Gloss Book, Dull Book, Gloss Cover, and Premium Opaque.

100lb Gloss Book

  • High-Gloss UV Coating 

Gloss Book may come with a high-gloss ultraviolet coating to make brochures extra shiny and reflective. You can grab a lot of attention with a brochure made with Gloss Book as its polished sheen enables color to pop off the page.

We also offer brochures in a smooth matte finish. This has a softer appearance and has less glare. With a smooth surface, you can reduce ink blots and other imperfections.


100lb Dull Book

  • Dull 

Dull Book is matte paper with a soft, glare-free finish, perfect for type-heavy pieces. It offers excellent readability and it’s also easy to write on.

  • Gloss

You can also get a Dull Book paper stock with a glossy finish. Its shiny and reflective surface is an excellent choice for a photo or image-heavy designs.


100lb Gloss Cover

  • Smooth Matte

Gloss Cover is a thick premium cover stock with a smooth matte finish that reproduces colors in sharp vivid detail.

  • High-Gloss UV Coating

We also offer Gloss Cover with a special high-gloss UV coating to enhance your printed promotions. While it gives your brochure the extra shine, it also provides an added layer of protection.


70lb Premium Opaque

  • Dull 

Premium Opaque is an uncoated matte paper with no glare at all. Its non-gloss surface offers superior readability and is also an easy-to-write-on surface.

  • Gloss

You can also get a glossy Premium Opaque paper stock. Its high opacity should be perfect for your marketing collaterals as it provides better ink coverage, making it excellent for projects requiring full color.


We also do custom orders. Fill out our custom quote request form if you have something special in mind. We’ll review the request, and get back to you in 1-3 business days.