How can I create artwork for the Brown Kraft cards using white ink?

You’ll have an option of adding white ink as overprint. It will act as a base for CMYK and provide a bright and white surface. It gives a vibrant and crisp color. However, areas with no white ink may appear darker. It is because of the stock’s color.

The white mask files are different from the artwork files like spot UV masks. The black color shows where the white ink will get printed.

You must create the mask file and color art file of the same size. This ensures that there are no alignment issues at the time of printing. Also, the format required for white masks is vector format. Moreover, you must save these files as PDF or EPS. And, use 100% K.

You should use vector shapes to produce black areas as it will show where the white ink base should go. The remaining space will represent the stock of Brown Kraft.

Make a note of the following tips while making a white mask for your white ink base:

  • The base of white ink is printed behind the color of the artwork layer. 
  • The colored areas without white mask get printed in color onto the material directly. Due to the transparent substrate, these areas will have a bit transparent color. 
  • The white mask and colored area get printed in solid color. 
  • The white mask area and area with no color is printed in white.
  • The black of the white mask file should be 0% C 0% M 0% Y 100% K else it will not be acknowledged by the preflight.


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