How deep or far out will my emboss stick out?

Embossing is an awesome detail to add to your business card. It adds depth to specific designs, and it has a nice tactile feature to it. When it comes to the depth of the embossed paper, take note that when you emboss on one side, the other side of the card will have the opposite effect – or debossed surface.

So you have to be careful about depth. Too much and it could affect what the other side looks like. Stick to around 0.5 to 2 millimeters.

The depth of an emboss depends on the type of paper. Opt for softer cards that allow a clean embossed effect. Rigid card stock might not have too much give when raised, which could affect how the details are shown.

If your paper is thick, make sure that it is soft as well, like 40pt Cotton. That way, you could still emboss it using simple and bold details. Finer details may not show as well on thicker cards.


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