Business Card FAQs

Can I print double sided on your plastic cards?

Yes — you can print double-sided on your plastic cards. You can print on both sides of your 20 pt and 30 pt thick white […]

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Why is the print on my plastic card so light?

Plastic cards are made of translucent material. As light passes through them, the image printed in front appears lighter, softer, and muted. If you want […]

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What shapes and sizes do you offer for plastic business cards?

Our basic plastic business cards come in 4 shapes and sizes: The Standard, The Square, The Mini, and The Oval. For each option, you can […]

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Are plastic business cards waterproof?

Yes. Plastic business cards are on-trend right now, as they are more durable and unique-looking than traditional paper cards. Typically made of flexible but tough […]

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What are the DOs & Don’ts when designing foil stamped products?

Those who plan on creating their own artwork for foiling need to remember some rules to ensure the success of their project. When you’re designing […]

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What is the difference between hot foil stamping and cold foil?

Foil is a premium addition to your labels and marketing products. It draws the eye with its texture, metallic sheen, and depth. There are two […]

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What foil stamping colors do you offer? Can I choose a custom foil color?

Hot Foil Stamping One of the most popular print features we offer is hot foil stamping. With a little bit of heat and pressure, we […]

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What standard business card sizes do you offer?

You can choose from 7 standard business card sizes. If none of these traditional card sizes interest you, we offer another option – die cutting. […]

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What business card shapes do you offer?

We offer 7 standard business card shapes. We can also do custom work if you would rather have your business card stand out than blend […]

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Why does my business card crack around the edges?

When business cards crack around the edges, it is usually because card might contain high values of ink, as in dark colors. CLOSE UP OF […]

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How can I get excellent results on Raised Spot UV Cards?

Your UV coverage must be less than 30% if you want the best results. Else, the cards may get stuck together. Also, use the vector-based […]

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How do I create a raised spot uv order?

Both Spot UV jobs and Raised Spot UV jobs can be set up the same way. You should include a mask file for Raised Spot […]

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How can I create artwork for the Brown Kraft cards using white ink?

You’ll have an option of adding white ink as overprint. It will act as a base for CMYK and provide a bright and white surface. […]

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What is the material of Brown Kraft cards and is it recycled?

This light brown paper has natural fibers with finely visible fleck. It lends a natural and organic feel and looks to the material. The uncoated […]

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What is “suede” paper ?

Suede refers to the texture of the cards that is soft and supple. It is not the material used. For the card to achieve a […]

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Are suede cards water-resistant?

Yes, these cards are water-resistant. However, the cards are not waterproof. It means cards can stand a small amount of water, but you should not […]

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