What are the DOs & Don’ts when designing foil stamped products?

Those who plan on creating their own artwork for foiling need to remember some rules to ensure the success of their project.

When you’re designing your business card, you should do it in vector art, not bitmap.

That’s because high-resolution bitmap art comes in 300 dots per inch.

You end up with a die with jagged edges. Foiling will be challenging, and your output could turn out terribly.

Vector art is made up of lines and curves, which means it doesn’t have a resolution.

It can be reduced or expanded without modifying the resolution. Another important point you need to remember about designing artwork for foiling is that you should only use 100% values.

Here are a few other things you should remember:

  • Create art in black and white.
  • Don’t make gradients.
  • Avoid shading.
  • Minimum font size must be 8 pt.
  • Lines should not be thinner than 1 pt.
  • Break up large areas of foil.
  • Don’t mix large foil areas with small intricate details.

Always double check your artwork.

A typo and other mistakes in foil stamping can cost you a lot of money.

Not to mention, it will set back production to a day or two.


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