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Buttons FAQs

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Will the locking pin line up precisely with the button design?

We cannot guarantee the locking pin will align precisely. If slightly off, you can correct the orientation accordingly when pinning to the fabric.

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How do I setup my artwork for buttons?

All of the different types of Button products follow the same rules as normal print ready artwork. The difference is in the safety areas. Each of the button products have the safety areas a bit different so we do recommend always using our certified templates to prepare your artwork. To…

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Can I get a sample of button?

Sure. Order our sample pack which includes at least one button sample.

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What file types do you accept for buttons?

Acceptable file types at the moment are .pdf, .jpg, and .eps files.

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What type of buttons do you offer?

There are 2 different types of Buttons: Locking-Pin Buttons and Magnet Buttons. They are printed and produced in the same way but have different backers. Please note: our magnet backing buttons are meant for metal surfaces such as refrigerators, metal cabinets. They are not meant for apparel.

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What print process do you use for buttons?

Buttons are printed by a CMYK digital print process. They are near photo quality.

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