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Finishes FAQs

What the heck is a layered die cut and how is it setup?

Die cutting refers to the art of cutting custom or pre-defined shapes out of card or flyer paper. Multi-layer die cutting replicates this process using […]

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How do I setup artwork for a die cut product?

Find a good vector design program such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator to create a mask file for your die cut projects. Here’s how you […]

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What are the DOs & Don’ts when designing foil stamped products?

Those who plan on creating their own artwork for foiling need to remember some rules to ensure the success of their project. When you’re designing […]

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What the heck is cold foil / photo foil?

Using Akuafoil, your wide range of CMYK colors can be turned into multi-colored foils. Akuafoil uses a special processed foil system that is used under […]

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What is the radius of rounded corners at Print Peppermint?

We propose 1/4″ and 1/8″ radius round corners to all customers. The image below shows you two extremely different radiuses.

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How do I setup artwork for Foil Stamped product?

Only one type of foil per order can be used (you cannot order a Foil Worx job with Gold on the front and Silver on […]

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Is providing a mask file required?

If you’ve chosen a finish that requires one, like: white ink, foil, spot uv, etc – then yes! But if you don’t know how to […]

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What font size can I use in my Raised Foil order artwork?

Do not have fonts smaller than 10pt. With bold fonts and thicker strokes, do not use font-size less than 12pt. 

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How can I tell the difference between Raised Foil and regular Hot Foil Stamping?

Raised Foil Cards will have a raised finish while the Foil Worx will have a flat finish. You can feel the foil on the raised […]

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How can I get excellent results on Raised Foil Cards?

Your Foil coverage must be less than 30% if you want the best results. Else, the foil won’t look nice as it will be wavy. […]

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Can I print ink under foil stamped areas?

A solid color behind the foil mask can be printed. Do not use artwork to text as it will lead to visibility issues. You are […]

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How can I get excellent results on Raised Spot UV Cards?

Your UV coverage must be less than 30% if you want the best results. Else, the cards may get stuck together. Also, use the vector-based […]

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How can I design greeting cards with Raised Spot UV?

Make sure there is a space of 0.25” between mask file and scoring line. It will prevent varnish breakage and allows effortless folding.

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What is the smallest font size I can use for Raised Spot UV artwork?

You are advised not to use font-size lesser than 6pt. But, if you have thicker strokes, use size no less than 9pt.       

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