How do I write a greeting card?

No matter what occasion, a gift as simple as a greeting card can brighten someone’s day. To help you send meaningful messages every single time, we’ve come up with a little guide. Whenever you can’t find the right words to say, you can turn to this for some inspiration.

  • Consider the person you’re writing to

You can open your message with “Dear” or “Dearest” to sound more formal. For a more casual approach, start with “Hi” or “Hello.”

  • Tell them why you’re writing

Consider the occasion. In a line or two, deliver your personal greeting. Don’t worry about filling the entire card with words. Make them laugh and feel appreciated—and they will surely remember your kind gesture.

  • Always speak from the heart

Add a more personal touch by talking about a memory you both share or a story that reminds you of them. If the recipient is someone you don’t know too well, you can go for a more general message like a quote that they might find meaningful. Either way, you should make it about them. Finally, don’t forget to sign the card.