What is a greeting card?

Often an illustrated piece of card stock, a greeting card is used to convey well wishes, season’s greetings, and other sentiments. Today, most greeting cards are mass-produced. But there are also handmade versions, which are created and distributed by companies of all sizes.

Most greeting cards are folded. They have an illustration decorating the cover, while the greetings are tucked between the pages. This adds an element of surprise to your card. Aside from the message itself, you could surprise your loved ones with a pop-up picture or a printed message. There are also musical greeting cards that will play songs like “Happy Birthday” once the recipient opens them.

  • Flat Cards

Compared to folded greeting cards, flat cards tend to be more affordable. That’s because they don’t have the extra page. However, that also means you get less space to write your greetings. If your primary goal is to share a photo or an illustration, this type of card is ideal for that. Another perk of using flat cards is that you can mail them like a postcard.