What are hang tags used for?

Do you wish to add just a little more information to the packaging of your products? When you want to put in some new, exciting detail about your merchandise, some marketing real estate will come in handy. This is where a hang tag enters the picture.


More than just a bit of paper dangling from the neck of one of your products (or their container), a hang tag can be made to do so much more than showing the price of the item in question. A strategically placed tag can get would-be buyers excited over key information or special deals they should know. Even better, hang tags help engage your audience in various ways without you ever having to change a product’s packaging.


With their versatility, hang tags have been used in a variety of ways.


Use as Coupons

Market analysis has shown that coupons positively affect shopper behavior. A.C. Nielsen reports that 66% of American shoppers look for coupons, too. With these facts in mind, turning hang tags into coupons will give customers extra incentive to buy your products. Whether you design the coupon as a tear-off or have the entire tag be made into a coupon, your merchandise can be a hit among buyers looking to snag a good deal.


Give a Touch of Luxury

Hang tags made from quality materials will impress consumers. Not only that, they’ll even feel guilty about throwing the hang tag away after purchasing the item. In case that happens, the hang tag instantly becomes a brand ambassador, evoking a sense of good quality for your product. If the well-designed hang tag came with a quality product, your brand will surely gain a fan in the process.


Contribute to Branding Efforts

Hang tags can say a lot about your business and they can often influence buying decisions. Attach cheap tags on your clothing line and this will subconsciously convey to consumers that your products could be equally substandard. Include a superior hang tag with your merchandise and you can instantly associate your brand with the elite names in your industry.


Supply Relevant Product Information

Generally, hang tags are used to display prices. However, it can show some other important details about the merchandise. For instance, indicating the materials used as well as the item’s country of origin on the hang tag will convey transparency on the part of the business. Including care instructions on the hang tag can also be something that potential buyers would find useful.


Intrigue Buyers Further

A good hang tag can attract customers with its looks. You can pique their interest further by adding a recipe or a list of uses for the product on the tag. Either way, the hang tag can be used to show everyone how great and versatile your product really is.


Clearly, a well-crafted and designed hang tag can leave a lasting impression on your customers. It helps your product stand out on crowded retail shelves and gets your brand noticed despite being surrounded by competitors. In the end, using hang tags can positively impact your bottom line and boost your business.

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