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What is a hang tag?

A hang tag is a label store owners or companies attach to pieces of merchandise. In fact, toys, electronic devices, sporting equipment, clothes, and anything you can put on a store’s shelf can have hang tags. Even cars displayed in showrooms can make use of one. Hang tags generally show a variety of information, including the price of the product, name of the manufacturer or designer, fabric care instructions, or materials used for the item.


While normally associated with displaying the price of off-the-rack clothes, hang tags can do so much more these days. In fact, companies are using them to convey the very essence of the brand. In some cases, putting relevant or practical information on hang tags can encourage shoppers to buy the item if they’ve been previously unsure about it.


No matter the product, hang tags can attract and intrigue potential customers and develop the brand’s reputation. Because they are found right on the product they are promoting, hang tags have been extensively used as a promotional material. Attach well-designed tags on your products and you can bet they will attract attention!