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Can you write on Roll Labels?

You can easily write on Semi-Gloss with no lamination and even Eggshell Felt using ball point pens. If you allow it to be fully dried, Permanent markers also work on roll labels that are laminated and on all substrates. But gel pen, ink pen, any different type available of pen…

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What are the benefits of laminating Roll Labels?

For maximizing label protection, protection from abrasion resistance and extreme temperature, also protection from any chemical exposure, over laminating Is proved to be a great technique. When using Gloss and silk for Over laminating, it enhances the aesthetics of the products too. 

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Do you offer lamination for roll labels?

For a few substrates, we provide sometimes clear gloss overlaminate in 1.0 mil or it can be clear silk overlaminate in 1.0 mil.

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What is the minimum suggested font size for roll label printing?

A font that is 8-point or greater is recommended to be used on all Roll Labels  that are Bright Metallic so you can evade thin lines that might cause poor ink grip or registration.

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Is providing a mask file required?

If you’ve chosen a finish that requires one, like: white ink, foil, spot uv, etc – then yes! But if you don’t know how to create one or need help, our prepress team is happy to handle that for you.

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Can I use your roll labels for indoor and outdoor purposes?

Bright Silver Metallic – 2mil* stock is sturdy having a chemical resistant topcoat. They must be used indoors as they are not resistant to water and oil. Clear BOPP – 2.3mil stock is water and oil resistant but is only to be used indoors. 70lb Eggshell Felt – 70lb is made with wet…

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Why are the corners rounded on rectangle and square labels?

The rounded corners are the industrial standard of 1/8 inch on All rectangle and square shaped label. These provide ease when removing from liner.

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Can I use Roll Labels for the purpose of Food Packaging?

Yes you may use Our provided Roll Labels for food products just then if you are using intervening layer of food contact material, which is FDA approved. The customers and end-users are responsible to make sure that the products are used according to the appropriate FDA regulations.

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How do I setup artwork for Clear or Silver Metallic Roll Labels with White ink?

When using Clear Labels, you have a choice to opt white ink as the color of base so that the prints can be opaque in few areas and transparent in some. When using Bright Metallic Silver, the foil material will be hidden by white ink to make solid colors. White…

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How should I set up artwork for a Roll Label? What are the specific requirements for bleed?

Download our provided Roll Label Templates. The measurements of safety line bleed are different as compared to other products, so their usage is highly recommended. The Total bleed out of your cut line at about 0.125″  and also the total safety inside your cut line at 0.125”. Please make sure that…

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What is unwind direction?

The Unwind Direction is merely the direction your Roll Label unwinds from the roll. 

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Is the roll label print quality comparable to your offset printed products?

We provide high quality Roll Labels, but the quality of the print might be slightly less sharp than with Offset. Out of necessity, they are printed with a lower screen depth. You will have low quality, especially when it comes to images. Images must be more than 300 dpi.

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Will your roll labels work with my dispenser?

All our provided Roll Labels possess a 3″ core and have a upto a 6” outer diameter. This fits with almost all dispensers that are hand-applied – You should confirm the specifications of your dispenser before purchasing, whenever you will use our provided Roll Labels with any different dispenser.

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How do I setup a custom shaped roll label?

Yes, we do provide Rolls in Custom Shape in following sizes: 1″ x 1″, 2″ x 2″, 4″ x 4″, 3″ x 3″,  5″ x 5″ and 6″ x 6″. You must select for a size that works according to your needs, and then choose the Shape Option: Custom Roll…

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What shapes are offered for roll labels?

You can have our Roll Labels in the following available shapes: Square (having Round Corners), Oval, Circle, and Rectangle (having Round Corners). You can also select from Custom Shapes, these are the provided sizes: 1″ x 1″, 2″ x 2″, 3″ x 3″, 4″ x 4″, 5″ x 5″ and…

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What is the size of the core and outer diameter of roll labels?

All our provided Roll Labels possess core of size 3″ having up to 6” outer diameter.

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