Do I need bleed for large format products?

For these types of materials, assign at least half an inch on each corner. For instance, if you have a 24-inch x 18-inch print material, your file size should stand at 25 x 19 inches. This should be enough for bleed margins.   

Outdoor and Indoor Banners and Canvas Banners

You don’t need to place any bleed marks for these types of materials. Have your file sized according to the specific measurements of the order, or make it proportional to the actual size.

If you are ordering hems, assign a 2-inch safe zone on all sides. Banners tend to lose between 1/8 of an inch to 2 inches per side.

Polyester Banners

We require a half-inch bleed on all sides of the polyester banner. Make sure that your file size is 25 x 19 inches if you want a 24-inch x 18-inch print. Also, remember not to place borders on the artwork, as the material may stretch during the heat transfer process. This may result in uneven borders.

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