How are Acid-free papers and Archival papers different?

People are often confused about the difference between archival papers and acid-free papers, so they tend to ask a lot of questions.

Understand this: Acid-free papers are produced through alkaline paper technology.

What this implies is that the pH of the pulp used to create the paper is above neutral, that is, above 7.

Buffering takes place thereafter. The paper is buffered with an alkaline such as calcium carbonate, to lessen the effect of the acid compounds either absorbed from the atmosphere or gotten from the formation caused by natural aging.

As for archival papers, there are no widely accepted conditions that make an archival paper what it is, but there are some properties that many people look at.

Apart from them being totally acid-free, the common requirements include that archival papers should not consist of unbleached pulp or groundwood, must not contain optical brighteners that artificially makes the sheet whiter, and it must adhere to the strict limits on metallic composition.

If you are searching for the paper with the best permanence level, not to worry!

We totally recommend acid-free papers which consist of 100% cotton. Furthermore, when deciding the type of paper to use, consider environmental factors as well, but they play a role in determining how long your work is going to last at the end of the day.

What are these environmental factors?

Humidity, light, heat- all these can have an effect on the paper, and invariably, the quality of your work.

For instance, low humidity can cause the paper to be brittle, and high humidity can cause mold spread. Ultraviolet light and sunlight can also cause brittleness and fading.

Quick tips to note is that low storage temperatures encourage paper longevity. The lifespan of the paper increases twice when the temperature drops by 10.

Fluctuations in humidity or temperature can destroy the fibers of the paper, which can cause it to expand or contract.

Our papers are of very high quality. They are all acid-free papers and 100% free from the issues of cotton. You can be sure of what you get from us every single time.

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