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HomeFAQsPaper FAQsWhat is glossy UV coated paper?

What is glossy UV coated paper?

HomeFAQsPaper FAQsWhat is glossy UV coated paper? 

Ultraviolet (UV) coated paper is a type of paper that has a glossy liquid compound applied to its surface. This liquid coating is then dried by UV light using a printing press or special machine. The UV light hardens or cures the paper.

Different types of compounds can be used as coating, such as polyethylene, calcium carbonate, and kaolinite. These are chemically refined so that the coating will adhere to the paper.

Depending on the way it is applied, UV coated paper has varying glossiness and thickness. Clients can choose to apply the coating on both sides of the paper or just on one side.

UV coating is also environmentally friendly, as it releases no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) once cured.

There are several advantages to having UV coated paper. For one, it’s a great way to make your printed materials stand out. The brilliant shine is perfect for materials like flyers, postcards, and business cards. It’s also smoother to the touch, giving your materials a more satisfying tactile feature.

Another perk to using UV coated paper is it makes your print materials more durable. The coating provides a thick layer of protection that helps preserve the paper against scratches and smudges. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your marketing materials being damaged easily. You can send direct mail brochures or flyers and be sure that you are maximizing your investment.

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