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What is layered / multi-loft paper?

HomeFAQsPaper FAQsWhat is layered / multi-loft paper? 

A multi-loft paper is made of thick cardboard. As its name suggests, it’s composed of multiple layers of uncoated paper. Most of the time, it comes with a colored center. All these layers add texture and dimension to your print materials. Whether it’s for wedding announcements, business cards, or greetings, this paper can add depth to your design, making it even more high-end than it already is.

A multi-loft paper is ideal for design projects that are meant to exude luxury and class. Aside from being stunning, this type of paper is very durable. It won’t tear or crease easily.

If you want to make a good impression through your print materials, you can use this type of paper to look and feel professional and convey the right image of your brand.

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