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HomeFAQsPaper FAQsWhat is natural uncoated paper?

What is natural uncoated paper?

HomeFAQsPaper FAQsWhat is natural uncoated paper? 

Uncoated paper is exactly that—paper that has no coating or finishing.

Without the added layer of coating, there is no glare on the paper surface, making it ideal for those who want a clear and straightforward appearance.

And since there is no coating, this type of paper is the most porous in texture, so ink soaks into it well.

Uncoated paper includes several kinds: smooth, linen, laid, vellum, and super smooth, to name a few. When choosing an uncoated paper, the smoothness level is a big factor to consider because aside from the texture, the smoothness also impacts ink holdout. Smoother sheets provide a more even ink distribution. So if you will be printing heavy solid colors, choose the smoothest option.

You’d want to use uncoated paper if you want to emphasize a sense of authenticity and simplicity to your marketing materials. For example, projects involving education, non-profits, and environmental initiatives can print materials using uncoated paper instead of going for glossy paper.

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