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HomeFAQsPaper FAQsWhat is recycled brown kraft paper?

What is recycled brown kraft paper?

HomeFAQsPaper FAQsWhat is recycled brown kraft paper? 

Recycled brown kraft paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste such as scraps of paper collected from households and industries. These components make this type of paper biodegradable and recyclable.

A lot of people don’t know that not all brown papers are eco-friendly and ethically made. Sometimes, these papers have a brown color because they are made out of wood from old growth forests. Most of the time, these natural components are acquired using illegal methods.

If you want to embrace green marketing and gain the favor of environmentalists, you should make sure your brown kraft paper is made from post-consumer waste. Using recycled brown kraft paper for your marketing collaterals should enable you to build an eco-friendly brand. You can guarantee that your print materials will look natural and rustic.

Recycled brown kraft paper is ideal for business cards, greeting cards, and packaging.

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