How do I setup a Spot Gloss UV artwork?

Our premium plastic business cards are made of quality polypropylene. Available in a range of finishes and thickness, you can have your pick of durable plastic business cards to suit your brand. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable, so these cards are considered eco-friendly options.

In terms of thickness, our 30 PT cards feature the standard credit card size. These plastic cards are thick and sturdy, ideal for marketing and networking activities.

Here are the different finishes you can choose from:

  • Clear – completely transparent
  • Frosted – semi-transparent and slightly see-through
  • Opaque – solid white cards and not transparent at all

Keep in mind that your designs will vary in color, intensity, and effect based on the card finish you go for. When you decide on clear or frosted plastic cards, expect that the colors will be slightly lighter compared to other stocks. This is due to the plastic not the printing quality.

Our plastic cards can also have rounded corners to give a smoother touch. This comes at no extra charge.

We have the 20 PT plastic, which comes clear like glass. While we provide this thinner option, we usually recommend that clients get the thicker plastic cards. This is because the ink prints out so lightly that the details and colors fail to appear as vividly as on 30 PT plastic cards.

Some more design customizing options include spot UV coating, white ink, and PMS ink. Price will depend on your concept.

For foil stamping, we also have the 12 PT frosted plastic at a much more economical price point. You could choose among 15 colors for the foil stamping on your plastic cards.

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