How to frame a poster?

We get this question from time to time and to be quite honest we aren’t framing experts but we’ve taken some time to find some great articles and tutorials because dog gonnit we like finding solutions for our customers!

A Written Overview

The first article, from the Den Garden blog, gives you an overview of some different methods you can use to frame and eventually hang a poster. Read it here

Popular Video Tutorial

In case reading isn’t your thing and you prefer a more visual explanation here is our favorite how-to video tutorial on framing posters, courtesy of Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Robert does a great job of outlining step by step how the matting process works, which is essential to a sexy looking hung poster.

Go Old School

Now, if you still haven’t caught the DIY bug then go old-school and hire your local framer. Our good buddy Tom Battles has been serving Oak Cliff and the Dallas area for a long time, plus he does some pretty mean Stone’s covers.

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