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HomeFAQsPosters FAQsHow to make a poster in powerpoint?

How to make a poster in powerpoint?

HomeFAQsPosters FAQsHow to make a poster in powerpoint? 

For the love of Jeebus, please don’t use Microsoft Powerpoint.

In 2019, there are so many professional and easy ways to layout your poster design.

If you don’t have access or the knowledge, or that weird cousin who can show you how to use the industry standard Adobe suite, ie Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, then do yourself a favor and go over to Canva’s website.

Canva is pretty badass…

Canva is a drag-and-drop online graphic design tool that allows anyone to easily piece together mega professional designs for print and web use.

They also provide an incredible bouquet of design templates that are very innovative and fresh.

Now, in case you’re special (and you are) you might want to do something a bit more unique – “a bit more you”.

…but We’re even cooler

And that is what our multi-talented design team is here for. You can hire one of our amazing graphic designers to layout your next poster project and don’t worry it doens’t have to cost you a fortune. We have (4) tiers in our design pricing structure that suit budgets of all kinds.

Take a gander at our poster design service here.


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