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How to print a poster?

Option 1: Print Posters at Home

There is an easy way to print large images as posters at home. It’s called “Tiling”. Adobe Acrobat, amongst other software, allows you to do this. Since they’ve written a great tutorial on this topic already, I won’t waste your time. (Read Article)

Now, there are of course alternatives to printing it on your digital home printer.

Option 2: DIY Screen Printed Posters

You could (and you should) try at least once in your life to do some home screen printed posters. There is just something magical about pouring the emulsion fluid on the screen, waiting for it to set, and then pulling your first print, whether it is your band’s first t-shirt design or a limited edition art print.

Option 3: “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”

If you’re not 15 anymore and don’t have the time for all that DIY jazz you are more than welcome to send us over your project files and let Print Peppermint knock out your poster for you as well. I mean, no pressure, but that’s sorta what we do for a living.