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What if I want regular paper stickers?

Although we don’t recommend them because they aren’t as durable as vinyl stickers, we can definitely print them and they are much cheaper. If you’d like pricing for your project, please fill out our custom quote form. They are available on high gloss indoor label stock.

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Do you do kiss cut or sticker sheet printing?

Yes, we do please request a custom quote for pricing here.

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What are the different types of stickers you offer?

Well… as you can see from browsing our wonderful stickers product category page, we offer a wide variety of stickers in different shapes for various applications, including:  Die Cut Stickers Circle Stickers Rectangle Stickers Square Stickers Oval Stickers Bumper Stickers Metallic Foil Stickers Clear Stickers Wall Stickers All of our…

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How do I remove stickers from glass, car, bumper… or get them off anything, really?

Our stickers use a very strong adhesive that attaches well to nearly all surfaces ensuring your message is always seen. The downside to this is that they can be a little tricky to remove. Nevertheless, these situations do arise where you need to remove stickers and the residue they leave…

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How do I make stickers?

Well as with most things, there a several ways to skin the cat. Here are a few options you have for making your own stickers. The Avery Way You can always design your sticker yourself, buy some Avery label stock, and print them out on your digital printer at home.…

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Can These Stickers Be Removed?

We use strong and permanent adhesive for the stickers. So, it is advised you do not remove these once they’ve been applied.

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Are Print Peppermint Stickers Durable Enough For Outdoor Use?

Yes, you can use print peppermint stickers on car bumpers as these are resistant to the extreme weather conditions. There will be no damage to the sticker when exposed to outdoor conditions.

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What Are Bumper Stickers?

Print Peppermint’s bumper stickers are printed on 4mil high-quality white vinyl film. It is coated with acrylic adhesive, which is laminated to a layflat liner. The film accepts various curable and solvent-based inks whereas the liner offers exceptional product layflat. This allows the stickers to adhere effortlessly to the bumpers…

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