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How do I make stickers?

Well as with most things, there a several ways to skin the cat.

Here are a few options you have for making your own stickers.

The Avery Way

You can always design your sticker yourself, buy some Avery label stock, and print them out on your digital printer at home. Avery provides pre-cut label sheets for almost any application from envelope address labels to cd/dv labels.

The DIY Approach

Here’s a fun video that claims to show you how to make your own stickers “without sticker paper

The Peppermint Way

And here comes the shameless self-promotion portion of the show…

For the best possible design and printing quality for your stickers, let us handle it for you. We will create a perfect design and match it with the most appropriate print specs. You can, as always, design the sticker yourself and simply send us the files for printing.