Using Microsoft Word to Make Business Cards

Business cards leave a lasting impression. A business card can either make or mar your business. It can draw more customers to you just as it can send customers running away from you. The value of a business card cannot be undermined as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Currently, a lot of new businesses are being born with each passing day. These businesses come with different goals, motives, and aims. And all of these businesses need the general public to be aware of their products and patronize them in other to make a profit. One way to create speedy awareness is through the use of business cards. Being aware of this fact has encouraged many to get cards for their business. Some of these persons have taken the right step by requesting the services of experienced professionals regardless of the cost. Some however have and still intend to save cost by doing their cards themselves using Microsoft word.

Which of the persons do you belong to? You may belong to none. Probably you desire to add to your skill and that’s a good thing. This article, however, gives a step by step procedure on how a business card can be done using Microsoft word. After this it advice’s you on the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Using Microsoft Word to make business cards.

Microsoft word is an application that can be used for numerous purposes. One of which includes the creation of business cards. To create a business card using Microsoft word here are the steps to take.

1. First, you need to open the program and choose a new file.

2. On the left side of your screen, you will see your Microsoft word template. Under it, look for business, then select business cards.

3. After that, you insert a drawing canvas. If you do not want to insert a drawing canvas, you could just add the shapes you will be needing to the page directly. To add shapes, all you need to do is, go to the insert tab segment and click on shapes. After selecting a shape, scroll down until you find “New drawing canvas” labeled as an item.

4. after doing that, you need to fill out your details and every other item you want to be included in your business card. Fill them up in the spots provided for them. After that, ensure you review the details you have filled to ensure that they are accurate and all necessary omitted details have been added therein.

5. If you had already developed a brand or even a logo, use them to customize your design. You can also change the colors and fonts if you are not comfortable with what you already have.

6. Use rulers and gridlines to ensure that everything is properly lined up and nothing is tilting wrongly. To get these features, go under the view tab segment. You will get it there.

7. If the design you have made is what you want, you can go ahead and print. If your version of MS word is that which allows you to auto-populate, go ahead and auto-populate to the number of cards you want to print out. If your version of Microsoft word is that which does not auto-populate, you will need to copy and paste your designs one after the other into the appropriate slots.

8. After that, you can print them out. If you are using the printer you have at home or the one in the office, ensure you use business card stock. If you don’t have them or know what they are, you need not worry. All you have to do is walk into any office story and you would get some. You can also purchase them online. If you do not want to print them on your own, you could take your already designed work to a professional printer and they would print them out for you.

Now that you have learned how to make your business cards using Microsoft word, the question is; “should you do it?”

Is it a good idea to do your business cards with Microsoft Word?

The short answer is No. This is because of the numerous disadvantages that are associated with it. When compared to the advantages, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Let’s consider a few of them. First, we will start with the advantage.

Advantage of making your business cards with Microsoft word

The only major advantage is that you would save costs because the design is made by you. You would spend very little or no money getting the work done by yourself.

Disadvantages of making your business cards with Microsoft word

1) Microsoft word has a very limited design.

The designs under Microsoft word is very limited. As a result of this limitation, there is a high chance that you would not be able to get a design that can accommodate enough important details about you and your business. And you do not want to limit the important contents on your business card because one of the duties of a business card is to speak for you in your absence. To tell others about what you do, your social media handle, where your office is located and so on. Reducing any of these details as a result of limited design and space would mean limiting your business.

2. The fonts may not transfer well to prints

The fonts used in designing on Microsoft word might not look the same when it is printed out. There is a very high possibility that you would dislike the end product after printing out the card. So to be on the safe side, it is best to get your business card done by a professional using a professional printer.

3. Limited colors

The colors used in Microsoft word is very limited and not as beautiful as that of a professional printer. The colors you would find therein are very different from those of professional printers. And the colors in a professional printer looks the same after it has been printed out. Whereas, that of Microsoft word, despite not having lots of colors, they do not look the same after it has been printed out.

4) Cheap-looking end product

Whether you like it or not, everyone loves good quality. A good quality business card speaks volumes. It tells about the standard of your business and services in your absence. Let’s assume that you are given two business cards, and asked to choose which of the businesses you would love to patronize, there is no doubt that you would choose to work with the business that owns the card with a beautiful color blend, specific fonts, clear brand images, and a card that looks nothing but professional. You would not go for a company with a very thin card, badly printed fonts, regular and rampant color blend, and blur images. So, just as you would not make such a decision, many others would not too. Hence, just as preventive measures have always and would always be better than corrective measures, it is best to use a professional printer from the onset.

5. Inability to fully express oneself

Microsoft word does not give you the full option to express your desires. With professional printers, you can design your business cards in whatever way you so desire. You can have whatever shape, color, style, and imagery you desire to. But Microsoft word does not give room for this. It restricts you from fully expressing yourself.

6. No uniqueness

As a result of the numerous limitations of Microsoft word, there is a very high possibility that the card you built using Microsoft word must have been printed over and over again by other persons. As a result, your card would lack uniqueness because it is rampant. And when your card is the same as that of everyone else, the public gets the assumption that the services are the same. And if the services are the same, of what use is it trying out that of a stranger?

The importance of having a unique card cannot be undermined. A unique card leaves a lasting memory. When you set your eyes on a unique card, it is quite difficult to forget what it looks like. A regular and rampant kind of card gives you nothing to remember it for. This is because you see such all the time. So it becomes very easy to forget.

7. It ruins your first impression

A terrible card ruins the first impression. And either we like it or not, the first impression matters. Seeing a business card, at first sight, goes a long way to determine if you want to have dealings with such a company or not. If your business is just starting, that is not the time to gamble with your first impression. Rather than focus on the production of cheap business cards, focus on good quality and an amazing first impression. This would go a long way to boost your business.



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