What does stationery design include?

What does Stationery Design Include?

A messy, unprofessional and incoherent representation of your brand can spell disaster. So you must have custom designed stationery that is aligned with your brand image.

Why is Stationery Design Still Relevant?

Think of advertisements as critical first impressions. Once your name is out there, in online avenues like social media, or simply on the streets ― in whatever light, good or bad ― it’s hard to change its public perception. This is why it’s extremely important to rigorously think through your branding strategy before taking any major steps.

Stationery design is something that has taken the backseat in modern times due to the advent of digital advertisements. Letterheads, business cards, slips and other tactile mediums of approaching audiences, just aren’t given their due.  This negligence has cost businesses. It has affected their ability to stand out in an ever-demanding global marketplace.

Businesses, still caught in the misconception that stationery design is a tale of old times, need to mend their ways. The longevity of their brand depends upon it.

In this article, we’re going to shed light on the constituents of stationery design and their importance in branding campaigns.

Components of Stationery Design and their Importance

1.      Business Cards

Business cards - Stationery design


Business cards are one of the most vital components of stationery. Unfortunately, most often than not, they aren’t given the care and the creative deliberation they deserve.

Like every other marketing tool, they too, need to captivate audiences. If your customers get the impression that your business cards are unoriginal and dull, they will be discouraged to do business with you. They will be more inclined to relegate them to their trash cans.

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It’s of paramount importance to unchain your creative madness and let it spill when designing business cards.

Stick with the basics of creative design, while ensuring you’re making something entirely unique. You need to create a business card that will create noise in the marketplace and that will require ingenuity on your part.

If you think you lack the cerebral and physical capacity to create an endearing business card, you can always turn towards a professional design company like print peppermint.

2.      Compliment Slips

compliment slips - stationery design


Another staple of stationery design, compliment slips can help reinforce your branding philosophy.

Their purpose is largely misunderstood. They more than just serve to complement and charm customers. They are an effective means of promoting the image of your brand. Compliment slips also play a pivotal role in strengthening client-business relationships.

You can send them with business cards and letterheads. But make sure they have the same professional finish and sleekness the rest of your stationery does; and that they are personalized and original. It will help build friendly and lasting ties with your target customers.

In the end, it’s highly important that you realize that compliment slips make a difference in the grand scheme of things, despite being mere A4 sized papers. Their important isn’t to be undermined, in any circumstance.

3.      Letterheads


Letterheads - stationery design


Letterheads aren’t just a piece of correspondence. They are tangible and intimate representations of your brand. They can speak volumes about your brand culture and identity.

A meticulously designed letterhead can increase brand recognition, loyalty and lend an air of sophistication and professionalism to your company name.

Writing letters seems like an outmoded and “Victorian” mode of communication. But despite its old-school-ness, it is the only way to create an intimate relationship with your client base. Sure, sending emails is in vogue, but letterheads convey the message that you’re actually willing to go the extra mile for your customers.

Many designers employ online editing tools to create effective and eye-catching letterhead designs. Companies have an army of in-house designers to accomplish the same. You should also put your faith in similar services to cover all the bases.

The placement of the logo, the size of the text, the inclusion of contact and address, and many other details need to be accurately catered to when it comes to letterheads. It’s not just splattering a couple of words on a piece of paper. Keep that in mind.

4.      Notepads & Labels

notepads - stationery design


A Custom-printed notepad can help keep the memory of your business fresh. You can gift them to your customers― and it’s quite likely they will use it every day. This will ensure that the name of your business stays at the top of their mind. And who doesn’t love a gift? It helps us all stay likable.

The best part ― notepads are super cheap and durable. You can print them in bulks for virtually nothing.

Aside from being masters at maximizing brand exposure and awareness, they are also quite handy. Just about everyone turns to a notepad when they’re penning a number down or anything else of somewhat significance.

Bottom-line: They are good for a lot of things and worth the investment.

5.      Presentation Folders

presentation folder - stationery design


You might have a state-of-the-art company with the best employees at your beck and call. But the only way your customers will get a hint of your company’s reputation is through your marketing materials.

If you’re sending your product information in a disorganized and messy folder, what will your customers think? Nothing good; trust me.

Professional, neat-looking and carefully crafted presentation folders put-forth a solid image of your brand. They give you a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Putting your trust in dodgy and sub-standard folders that collapse or lose shape on first or second contact is going to hurt your brand’s image. Make sure that the material of your folders is top-notch. It might cost you a little extra, but it isn’t going to break the bank.

I say this with the daunting assurance that a great-looking folder, with a prominent and carefully placed logo and company names, leave a lasting impression. It is worth your time and budget, whether you’re using it for in-house use or sending it to a prospective client. So, Don’t forget about Presentation Folders while you are planning your stationery design.

6.      Rubber Stamps

rubber stamps - stationery design include


In a society obsessed with paperless things, do rubber stamps have a place? Absolutely!

Self-inking stamps are highly valued by major corporations. They are used to craft signature stamps, logo stamps, and other promotional materials. Not only do they help elevate brand status, but also contribute to cement your business’s place as a professional institution.

Signature or logo stamps are made from high-quality images. Pixelated and blurred images are ill-advised. Notary and seal stamps, on the other hand, are used to integrate contacts and other important information and can do so without images.

The primary purpose of stamps is to keep documentation in check. This is the main reason why many companies have invested in designing them in numbers.

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7.      Booklets

booklets - what does stationery design include


Booklets have retained their position as a standard advertising tool for centuries. They are multi-purpose printed publications, comprised of 15 to 75 pages.

Most companies consider them a staple constituent of their marketing strategies and rightly so! They are the perfect format to convey a convincing and succinct message of your brand, without overwhelming audiences.

You can include employee information, contact details, a unique story of your brand, and almost all kinds of pertinent information in a booklet. You can also don it with impressive imagery to further the chances of engagement. The possibilities this marketing tool provides are far and sundry.

Before designing a booklet, single out its purpose. Will it promote your company or introduce a product or service? The copy you’ll include is important, no question about it, but so is its presentation ― the color, content, placement of text etc. etc. Make sure you cater to every detail.

8.      Calendars

calender - stationery


Aside from the obvious benefits of calendar marketing ― keeping track of important dates and events ― there are many that companies don’t realize. When used as promotional gifts, they prove highly valuable. Directly mail them to their customers and have a friendly relationship with them secured.

Calendars shouldn’t just be an amalgam of products and services; they should contain attractive imagery and illustrations consistent with your brand’s message and identity. For instance, if you run a legal firm, you can print calendars featuring lawyers and their advocate gowns.

Because of their year-round usefulness, they are also quite effective branding tools. Your company name and logo will catch the eye of the customer every time he checks the date on your gifted calendar.

It’s high time you invested in calendar marketing to reap its incredible benefits with these simple stationery design tactics.

9.      Catalogs

catalogue design - stationery


Catalogs should have gone obsolete in this digital age but the truth is far from it.

In a recent study, 38% of companies believed that the importance of this sales marketing tool is going to increase and another 17% swore of its critical importance.

Catalogs retain their importance because of their longevity. Customers are likely to keep them at their disposal for extended periods. Also, they can detail the services and products of business, shedding immense light on its operations, and therefore increasing its credibility.

Catalogs make everything easier for the customer. All your products and services listed in beautiful customer designed-catalogs is so much better than hunting online portals for information. It is a convenient medium to approach your valued client base.

10.  Envelopes

Envelopes - stationery design


Envelopes are an integral part of direct mail campaigns.

If the recipient finds your envelope hideous or unappealing, he will have no reason to open it. You can design a visually stunning brochure or an attractive catalog, but it won’t matter one bit if it’s enclosed in an unimpressive packaging.

Most companies are hesitant when it comes to spending a lot of time designing envelopes. It’s understandable. Individually customized envelopes that really leave a mark can be a time-consuming affair.

However, a custom printing service like Print peppermint can smooth out the entire process for you. From embossing logos to integrating contact details, it can supply you with a send-ready army of envelopes in a matter of days.

It’s also important to factor in the envelope size. An A4 direct mail piece will fit in a C4 envelope and an A5 in a 5 one.

We can help you with these fine details to ensure your marketing budget doesn’t go to waste.

11.  Flyers & Brochures

flyers and brochures - stationery design


Advertising for a concert or a special event or introducing a new line of products? Flyers and brochures are just the things you need.

While the word can be spread through TV commercials or billboards, it’s not as cost-effective. Especially fledgling businesses with tight advertising budgets may find it hard to invest in such high-investment branding campaigns.

Flyers and brochures, on the other hand, are not only effective but affordable. They can effortlessly promote the key message of your brand to your customers.

A well-designed flyer or a brochure can make tons of difference in making your brand shine. A4 and A5 flyers are standard, but Print Peppermint can design a flyer of any size and design specification for you.

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12.  Invoice Books

invoice - stationery design


An invoice book is in an underutilized branding tool.

A customized invoice book, containing your company’s name, logo and other details, helps keep the memory of your business firmly planted in your customer’s mind.

Their portable nature is also a great help. You can write out a receipt on the spot if you have a custom receipt book bagged in. You don’t have to go through the hassle of mailing a printed copy at a later time.

Also, one luxury that custom books afford is customization. You can customize its design according to your own needs and specifications. It shouldn’t have to be a carbon copy of some other format. From client numbers, products purchased and invoice numbers, you can integrate details consistent with your needs.

13.  Newsletters

newsletter - stationery design


Business newsletters are a perfect medium to keep your customers regularly updated with the latest advancements and company information. They are a great way to grab potential customers. The frequency with which your newsletters keep your target audience informed about new products plays a huge role in shooting your sales through the roofs.

Remember: your newsletter should contain relevant and to-the-point information and shouldn’t confuse or complicate things for the reader. Its design should also be simple and unique.

14.  Postcards

postcards - stationery design


It’s so easy to lose contact with your customers in this digital age. Emails and messenger marketing is good and all, but it isn’t as effective as postcard marketing.

People love receiving postcards in their mailboxes; it makes them feel special. Let’s say you can stuff a lot of information in them but postcards are a great tool to create a buzz around your product or service.

Beautifully designed postcards with the right copy can make a huge difference for your business. Peppermintdev has the creative expertise to create postcards consistent with your brand philosophy and message. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

RESOURCE: How to design a direct mail postcard?


Stationery design is extremely important in branding campaigns. From increasing brand recognition to snatching a boatload of customers, it has a variety of functions. Considering it an outmoded relic is a grave mistake on the business’s part. Make sure you’re choosing the best printing service like Print Peppermint to meet all your stationery needs.




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