What is standard poster size?

Well, when I was growing up and trying to get more than my mom and (3) friends to come to see my band, we would plaster the city with 11″ x 17″ posters.

By my observation 11″ x 17″ posters are the most commonly produce poster size in the USA for a variety of promotional needs, not just Andy’s weekend punk rock show.

But in the poster family of products, there are other standards such as the Movie Poster Standard Size of 24″ x 36″.

As you might imagine, there was a big benefit for the studios and theaters standardizing this size so that the “Coming Soon” lightbox display cases at the entrance of nearly all cinemas across didn’t need to be rebuilt for every new film.

To save money and space, some people opt for “the office” standard of 8.5″ x 11″ for their posters, which is, of course, half the size of an 11×17 and also the US standard document, or letter, size.

If your boss is growing suspicious of you running your gig flyers on the company copy machine when everyone’s out at lunch, then perhaps consider sending your artwork over to Print Peppermint and let us have a go at it.

I can guarantee the print quality will be much better and you might save yourself from getting one of those awkwardly dreadable “Bill, can I see you in my office for a minute?” talks.

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